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Spring 2017, Volume 7, Series 1

Unlocking the Potential of Big Data to Personalize Patient Care

ROI’s newest grantee, Todd McNutt, PhD, is seeking to transform cancer care and research by tapping the vast amount of knowledge and experience contained in clinical records.

Letter from the President
The ROI recently reached a milestone in the return on our investment in research—more than $1 million in follow-on funding for new studies that are the direct result of the work we supported.

Research Update
ROI’s investigators are producing results that are being published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at high-caliber scientific meetings as well as securing additional funding to continue their research.

Donor Spotlight
Daniel W. Golden, MD, and Ryan Bair, MD, of discuss their support for advancing the field of radiation oncology through innovative evidence-based quality, safety, and cost-conscious research as ROI corporate donors.

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