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Improving Patient-Centered Outcomes

SlatoreHeadshotChristopher Slatore, MD, MS is leading the study "Radiation Therapy and Patient-Centered Outcomes among Lung Cancer Patients" as a member of the Early Stage Lung Cancer Comparative Effectiveness Research Consortium.

In this ROI-funded grant, Dr. Slatore is:

  • Comparing patient-centered outcomes of SBRT with surgery among patients with early stage NSCLC.
  • Surveying patients with early stage NSCLC and their clinicians to evaluate how communication influences patient-centered outcomes and decision-making.
  • Identifying strategies to improve patient-centered outcomes for NSCLC and facilitate the use of decision aids and educational materials.

Additional Research

As a result of his ROI-funded study, Dr. Slatore is:

Publications and Presentations

The results of this ROI research award have been presented or published in the following places:

Several more manuscripts are under review or in development.