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Preventing Mistreatment

GreerHeadshotThe ROI selected Peter Greer, PhD, to receive its inaugural research award to conduct his study titled “Ensuring Safe Delivery of IMRT Using EPID-Based Real-Time Verification.” Dr. Greer and his team developed the WatchDog system that determines treatment delivery accuracy for radiation therapy patients in real-time and can prevent mistreatment. The system uses imaging equipment that is present on all linear accelerators and could have a major impact on radiation oncology safety and accuracy.

With the grant from ROI, Dr. Greer and his team:

  • Implemented and tested the WatchDog system, which uses images captured by EPID to determine treatment delivery accuracy in real-time. 
  • Performed real-time patient treatment verification.
  • Acquired real-time patient verification data at multiple institutions. 
  • Optimized the system for error detection.

Additional Research 

Since the completion of the ROI grant:

  • The National Health and Medical Research Council (Australian Government) awarded Dr. Greer $593,742 (AUD, approximately $450,000 USD) over three years for continued testing of the WatchDog system. 
  • Testing of the WatchDog system has continued and expanded to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY, USA, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia, and Calvary Mater Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia.
  • Development of a new version that will be able to be used clinically is underway. 

Publications and Presentations