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More Ways to Give

Memorials and Tributes

There are times, both sorrowful and joyous, when flowers or gifts don’t say enough. It can be more appropriate or even more meaningful to make a lasting tribute on behalf of a colleague or loved one.

When you make a special donation to the ROI in their name, you are honoring the lives, achievements and milestones of your colleagues and loved ones through a gift that will ensure radiation oncology’s essential role in the treatment of cancer continues to benefit patients for generations to come.

And, once we receive your gift, a special acknowledgement letter will be mailed to both you and the recipient. Simply add your recipient’s name and address when you are completing the form at the link below and we will ensure they receive notice of your gift.

You can designate a pledge, or make a one-time gift, in honor or in memory of someone special through the link below.

Memorials and Tribute Giving

Donate Stock

Gifts of appreciated stock are a convenient way to contribute to the Radiation Oncology Institute (ROI).

When you give appreciated securities, you may receive an immediate tax deduction for the full fair market value of the contributed stock and save on capital gains taxes. Plus, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped strengthen radiation oncology’s essential role in the treatment of cancer.

Donating gifts of securities is easy. Please give your broker/agent the following information for the transfer:

  • US Bank, NA      
    DTC Number: 2803
    Account Name: ROI Donation Account
    Account Number: 5001061-005

Be sure to have your broker/agent include your name with the transfer so ROI can properly acknowledge your generosity!

Monthly Giving

An easy and convenient way to give to the ROI is  through monthly giving. You can set up your gift to be paid each month.  Become a member of the Sustainers'  Circle by making a montly gift. If you are interested in becoming a member of the President's Circle, you can make that leadership gift with a monthly gift of $125. Monthly giving provides a continuous source of revenue on which that the ROI can rely.

Monthly donors are commenting:

“I have been giving intermittently to the ROI in small amounts for several years. Recently, I learned I could set up my monthly donations. It’s convenient and low maintenance. I prefer this method of giving so much more.”

“I wanted to make a contribution that matters and found that by making a monthly gift, it was easy to increase my giving.”

“I was always wondering if I had made my annual gift or not. This way, I could just set up the monthly gift and I didn’t need to think about it.  I would know it is covered and it gives the ROI a source of revenue it can depend on.”

"The field of radiation oncology has been very good to me.  I love the work that I do in being able to take care of patients. And our field is not stagnant. It's constantly evolving for the better. These evolutions come through research.Unfortunately, research funding is more and more difficult to come by. This is why the Radiation Oncology Institute is critical to the future of our field. And this is why I support the ROI. We are all busy.I firmly believe that most radiation oncologists believe in the mission and value of the ROI. But they (we) just get busy with day-to-day life and forget to make a donation. I am guilty of this as well. This is why I appreciate the monthly contribution option. This process took me 2 minutes to set up online. I make a modest contribution each month, but it adds up. I do not miss the money. And now I know that I am supporting the ROI and more specifically the researchers who are going to continue to push our field forward."

Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

A donor advised fund, which is like a charitable savings account, gives you the flexibility to recommend how much and how often money is granted to the Radiation Oncology Institute and other qualified charities. You can recommend a grant or recurring grants now to make an immediate impact or use your fund as a tool for future charitable gifts.

To learn more and to make a gift from your donor advised fund, go to Donor Advised Fund.

You can also create a lasting legacy by naming the Radiation Oncology Institute the beneficiary of the entire account or a percentage of the fund. With a percentage, you can create a family legacy of giving by naming your loved ones as your successor to continue recommending grants to charitable organizations. Contact your fund administrator for a beneficiary form.

Donor advised funds cannot be used to fulfill a pledge.

5K Race to Benefit the ROI - Step Up for Research

In 2021, the 5K Race returned to the ASTRO Annual Meeting to benefit the ROI.However, the race was canceled due to harsh weather conditions. The race was transitioned to a virtual race and the winner in the men's category was Ben Li, from the University of California, San Francisco. It was the fifth straight year that Dr. Li has won the race. He started running the race when he was a medical student at Vanderbilt in 2017 and has won the race every year he has participated. For more information about the winners of the race, go to 2021 5K to benefit the ROI.

IRA Charitable Rollover

If you are 70½ years old or older, you can take advantage of a simple way to benefit the Radiation Oncology Institute and receive tax benefits in return. You can give any amount up to $100,000 per year from your IRA directly to a qualified charity such as the ROI without having to pay income taxes on the money. This popular gift option is commonly called the IRA charitable rollover, but you may also see it referred to as a qualified charitable distribution, or QCD for short.

Why Consider This Gift?

  • Your gift will be put to use today, allowing you to see the difference your donation is making.
  • You pay no income taxes on the gift. The transfer generates neither taxable income nor a tax deduction, so you benefit even if you do not itemize your deductions.
  • If you reached the age of 70½ on or before Dec. 31, 2019, you can use your gift to satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution for the year. If you turn 70½ on or after Jan. 1, 2020, you can use your gift to satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution starting at the age of 72. (Note: The RMD requirement has been waived for 2020, per the CARES Act signed into law on March 27, 2020.)
  • Since the gift doesn’t count as income, it can reduce your annual income level. This may help lower your Medicare premiums and decrease the amount of Social Security that is subject to tax.

For more information and to learn how to make this tax saving gift, go to IRA Charitable Rollover.

The Radiation Oncology Institute cannot render tax or legal advice. Please consult your professional financial advisor before making a gift.